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The American International Accreditation Institution for Trainers and Training Centers

The Board of International Trainers in America (BITA) was founded on the 15th of April 2011. Since then, AIA has been working on developing the internal regulations of BITA and forming its advisory council which consists of five members from the world community who are senior academics and training experts. In 2016, the Board obtained the US government license number 2016000712721 as an independent American institution for certifying trainers and training programs within a scope of work that extends beyond the boundaries of the United States of America.
The board aims to enhance the level of training in the Arab world and to encourage trainers to improve their training skills and capabilities in order to achieve the membership standards of the board.
Membership to BITA is opened now. BITA will grant membership to qualified candidates who meet the admission criteria.
The Board currently offers five types of memberships: a) permanent membership, b) certified international trainer, c) certified trainer, d) fellowship, e) training centers' membership.
The administration of the Board seeks to diversify its services and programs in order to benefit the members.
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US Government Under No. 2016000712721

Our Associates

American International Academy (AIA): 
It's an American educational institution, officially licensed in the state of Wyoming in the United States of America. AIA grants degrees of different levels in education through an advanced and modern educational system, achieves the demands of students and their needs of education, with the partnership of the Universal Studies Academy.

AIA gives an alternative to the traditional education to students from various countries around the world and from different cultures and civilizations, and those who chose not to attend traditional education. The unique character of the Academy is reflected through the diversity of its programs and its educational system and its global and distinct presence.

Universal Studies Academy
Work began on establishing the Academy in the year 2001 to be the first institution of higher education operating distance education in Palestine and the Arab world. It has developed its outstanding academic system and applied it exclusively for many years before major global institutions start to apply: The summary and extraction and the self-test system, which proved to be a strong competitor to traditional education. The Academy grants bachelors, master's degrees and doctoral degrees and develop plans and programs of study by strong standards for global quality. The Academy is headed by Dr. Wael Murad who runs it with a group of senior academics in Palestine and the Arab world. It also sets academic programs specializing in professional training and provided it at its headquarters in Gaza City, as well as remote training for students in the world, through the Academic Training Institute emerged from the Academy.

The faculty works with the Academy is currently composed of more than 50 academic, inside and outside Palestine with varied specializations. The Academy has a Supreme Council consists of a number of senior academics from Palestine, Norway and America.

The Academy benefits from the world wide web (the internet) and modern information technologies to communicate with its students and faculty members.
The Academy will operate continuously to reach credits and agreements with various educational institutions; some agreements have been accomplished with a number of Arab and international universities as well as with some institutions involved in higher education and its quality.

Human Development Experts Congregation (HUDEX)
HUDEX was founded by the American International Academy in 2016 to be the embracive and supportive body of training and human development professionals in the Arab world. The Academy is an independent international institution licensed in the state of Wyoming in the United States since 2009.

Dr. Wael Murad, president of the American International Academy, heads the Congregation. HUDEX takes currently its headquarter in Palestine at the headquarter of the Universal Studies Academy which has been given the regional agency of HUDEX as well as the American International Academy.

Academic Training Institute (ATI)
The ATI Institute was established by the Universal Studies Academy to achieve an essential goal which is to build and develop the knowledge and capacity of workers in all sectors through rehabilitative and developmental training programs and provide them with the necessary skills they need to perform their duties in a better way.

Institute programs are approved by American International Academy in the United States of America. Some of those programs are offered through distance education also.

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