Licensed in USA


 The Certified Trainer

Membership fee:
$ 200.00 (first year) 
Annual renewal fee:
$ 160 .00

Who can get this membership?

  1. Candidates should have completed a minimum of 500 hours of training.
  2. A minimum of FIVE years of training experience.
  3. Must have a bachelor degree or equivalent.
  4. Must have a certificate in Training of Trainers (TOT) from a trusted institution.
  5. Should be able to prove all of the above expertise with certificates and documents.

Membership benefits

  • A membership certificate to BITA*.
  • Listing of member's name, photo, and a short bio in the “members' page” of the BITA website.
  • Permission to use the name and logo of BITA along with a statement indicating “A member of the Board” on the member business cards, web page, and other promotional material.
  • Can request to obtain BITA certificates to his trainees in his accredited courses (by BITA) for certain fees.
  • Can register 7 training packages free of charge each year of his membership. Each extra package costs $100.00.

* All benefits remains as long as membership is current.

Documents required

  1. Complete and send a Membership Application + copy of official ID or passport + a clear personal picture.
  2. A copy of applicant’s CV.
  3. Must pass the evaluation test of admission.
  4. Payment of membership fee.

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