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Note: All Titles, procedures and specifications contained in the pages of this site are subject to change or modification at any time, and are applicable to all existing and new memberships only what exclude or previously agreed. Also, all fees for memberships and services are subject to change at any time and are subject to update at the beginning of each calendar year.

Membership of the Board shall be considered as an agreement between the Board and the Member. It shall grant the Member all the advantages of membership according to the type and class of membership obtained and indicated on the Board's website. During the validity of his membership, the member shall be entitled to register his training backages and courses according to terms specified in the benefits of each membership in our web site. He shall request certificates for his trainees in the registered training backages for a certain fee. He shall also be entitled to register new memberships and to renew finished memberships in return for a certain commission.

With the Board's membership, you can practice the training even if you do not have your own training center or if you do not want to work with any of the training centers around you .. With BITA, you are a certified trainer from the American certification foundation for trainers, and the Board will become your training institution.

Who should join BITA?

Current trainers who aspire to achieve a competitive advantage through high standards of their training skills should consider BITA membership. Membership on the Board of International Trainers is selective and reserved only for those who qualify. Also, the international certificate in training is an excellent achievement for those who want to achieve global certification for their training capabilities. The international certification is supported by the Board of International Trainers in America and granted to qualified trainers.

The Board currently provides 4 types of membership


$ 500
first year
  • For big companies and training centers, for training departments in ministries and big establishments.
  • 10 free TP registration
  • Certificates for trainees
  • Registration of 7 trainers

  • Know about our other type of center's membership ..


$ 115
first year
  • For all trainers and non-trainers, all institutions and educational and training centers.
  • 1 free TP registration
  • Certificates for trainees


$ 200
first year
  • Most popular membership of three levels for different trainers' experiences.
  • 7 free TP registration
  • Certificates for trainees
  • Participation in training


$ 300
first year
  • For trainers of international experience and of more than one language.
  • 7 free TP registration
  • Certificates for trainees
  • Participation in training
Membership Certificate

How to become a member?

Just follow these  easy steps:

Complete the form

Download the membership application from the download page of this web site and fill it out.

Choose membership type

In the form, check the membership type which suits your expertise and determine the field of your training experience.

Copy of certificates

Attach your certificates of experience to the application form and send them with a copy of your ID and a recent photo by email to the board.

Evaluation of experience

If you demand the Passport membership or the A-type certification, we will send you an evaluation test by email, a number of question to evaluate your experience.

Payment of membership fee

We will provide you with the payment address, then after we get the fee we will publish your membership information on our web site and print your membership documents and seng them to your address by international post.

What after getting membership?

Certified and international members only (including permanent members) could obtain certificates to their trainees issued by BITA, in their own programs. To request more information please send us an email.

The Board grants all its members the privilege of registering a number of their own training packages which are related to training, training of trainers and human development and some other programs. The board determines the number of training packages to be registered free of charge according to the type of the membership as shown on the page of each membership. Each extra package costs $100.00 to be registered.

Certified members applying to register their training packages and courses must fill in the application form for each package and submit it with a complete electronic copy of the training matrial including: trainer copy + trainee copy + training forms + Power Point presentation or alternative (Training Package Approval Application).

The assessment and registering process of each program takes 3-10 days.

A registration certificate will be sent by email to the member after the process is completed.

If the member wants to have training certificates from the Board for his trainees, he should use our own form to record the course data and the names of the trainees (List of Trainees).

Board Membership in
Safety and Occupational Health in KSA

The board grants it’s membership to the trainers who work in the field of Occupational Health and Safety in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but do not grant them the option of ordering certificates for their trainees in their training courses unless they have been certified by the OSHA as trainers and are authorized to award certificates to their trainees. The board has started to apply the international standards in this field and currently in Saudi Arabia only.

The Board has selected a representative in the Occupational Health and Safety Program in Saudi Arabia, Captain Hassan Al Absi, who is responsible for nominating trainers in KSA to obtain full membership of the Board, which enables them to order certificates to their trainees. Captain Hassan Al Absi also provides all courses approved by OSHA to qualify trainers, Certificates in their name. If interested, please contact Captain Hassan Al Absi at his registered address on the contact us page.

BITA Code of Training Ethics

Based on the responsibility we have placed on developing and upgrading the training, and in complementing our role in the service of training, trainers, and trainees alike, we have developed a Code of training ethics which emphasizes the rights of trainers, trainees, ethics and principles that trainers must have during their service to trainees with different training centers. This Code has been developed by our board of directors. It is an initial copy and it's subject to modification and development at any time. Approval and adherence to this Code is one of the conditions for membership of the Board and its licenses.

The Code covers the following principles:

  1. 1. I bear the trust in not doing training except in the fields that I master and giving the trainee his full right to training.
  2. 2. I bear the honesty in conveying the information contained in my training program and verify its validity.
  3. 3. I bear the trust in attributing the information to its owner and mentioning its source.
  4. 4. I will be honest in respecting the trainees of all ages and keeping their secrets and dignity.
  5. 5. I bear the trust not to exploit any weaknesses that the trainees may have to achieve personal interests that do not belong to me.
  6. 6. I am honest in keeping the secrets of the trainees and the training centers that I deal with.
  7. 7. I commit to using correct and objective information in marketing my programs and courses, and I refrain from using what could be considered deception or misleading in marketing them.
  8. 8. I am committed to continuing to develop myself and my knowledge as a trainer, and to develop my programs and training courses to keep pace with the latest science, knowledge and training techniques.
  9. 9. I am fully aware of the difference between education and training, and that training is about providing the trainees with practical and applied skills and not merely memorizing and imparting theoretical information. I am committed to clarifying the type of my courses when announcing them.
  10. 10. I commit to avoiding the use of profanity that offends modesty and is contrary to politeness during the training process.
  11. 11. I undertake not to offend other coaches and to respect them as colleagues in the profession.
  12. 12. I undertake not to use any training material of third parties if it is not available for public use without their consent.
  13. 13. I abide by the rules of honest competition with my fellow trainers, whether members of the board or non-members.
  14. 14. I commit to observing and adopting quality standards in the preparation of my training packages and in the implementation of the training.

This Code has been added to the Board Membership Application and International License Application for training as of July 2015.

International Postage Fees

The board provides the service of sending membership documents and training certificates by international express mail. If the service is requested, a postage fee is added to the order and its value is at least 50 US dollars, bearing in mind that the cost of mail is higher for some cities that are considered far away, as well as for some countries, especially those facing difficult political conditions, such as Palestine, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Iraq and others. You must review the administration to know the value of postage fees for each city or country. The member can also request his documents by e-mail only in order to save the courier fees or postpone his request for the original documents until a later time.

Cancellation of the Membership

The members of the Board are the best representatives of the Board, each in its position and location, maintaining its reputation and the reputation of all its other members, fear God in their work and training and maintain the quality by all standards, their main goal to raise their communities through their programs of training. The Board has the right to cancel any membership without notice and without refund in the following cases:

  1. Violation of laws, ethics, abuse of their rights as members, claiming things that are not true and defamation.
  2. In the case of abuse to the Advisory Council of BITA and to the administration of AIA or to any member of the Board in any way.
  3. If the member abuses members of the Board of Directors or administrators or members of the board in general or members of the administrative body of the International Academy.
  4. Violation of any provision of the BITA's Code of Training Ethics.
  5. Misuse of membership in any way.

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