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Training centers and departments

Who can get this membership?

All training centers and departments can apply for the membership of the Board. The Board provides 2 types of membership to these centers:
  1. Certified Center (Independent Membership):
    For big companies and centers work in training, or those who their owners can not get the boards membership. This membership also suits the training departments in ministries and big establishments. This membership has the brevilige of certifying up to 7 trainers work with the member so they can add their names and signatures to the training certificates issued by the board to their trainees. In adition to registering up to 10 trining packaging free of charge every year.

    Membership fee:  $ 500.00 (first year) 
    Annual renewal fee:  $ 410.00

  2. Certified Center (Combined Membership):
    The owner or general manager of the center shall be entitled to membership of a certified trainer or an certified international trainer. The membership of the center shall expire upon the expiry of the membership of its owner or its general manager .. or .. shall not be renewed unless the membership of its owner is valid. This membership also gives the advantage of the adoption of ten free training programs in addition to the programs of the accredited trainer, the director / general manager of the center, and requesting the issuance of certificates for its trainees from the Board. This membership also grants the advantage of up to seven signatures of trainers working with or with the institution, Training In the approved training courses of the Board, the Foundation nominates them and presents their papers to the Board's management.

    Membership fee: $ 350.00 (first year)  
    Annual renewal fee: $ 300.00

Compare Memberships

FeatureType 1Type 2
1Certification TypeIndependentCombined with owner's membership
2Issue Trainees CertificatesYesYes
3Free TP Registration1010
4No. registered trainers77
5Online PublishingYesYes
6Evaluation RequiredNoYes, for the owner
7First Year Fee ($)500350
8Renewal Fee ($)410300

Documents required

  1. A copy of the license of the institution.
  2. Complete and send a Membership Application + copy of official ID or passport + a clear personal picture of the owner or the general manger.
  3. A copy of applicant’s CV.
  4. Payment of membership fee.
  5. All expertise should be documented.
  6. Clear copy of the logo of the center.

Membership Limits

  1. The certified member is entitled to use the board logo and the name of Board  (Beta) in its publications and certificates and its website placed on one side of the page or certificate. The board can assist in the work of this logo and submit it free of charge to members.
  2. Certified  member may request certification from the board and put the name the any trainer works with it even if the trainer is not a Board member (subject to the conditions).

Membership benefits

  • A membership certificate to BITA*.
  • Listing of member's name, photo, and a short bio in the “members' page” of the BITA website.
  • Permission to use the name and logo of BITA along with a statement indicating “A member of the Board” on the member business cards, web page, and other promotional material.
  • Can request to obtain BITA certificates to his trainees in his accredited courses (by BITA) for certain fees.
  • Can register a number of training packages free of charge (number depends on the membership class). Each extra package costs $100.00.
  • Can apply to register 7 trainers working with the center in order to add their names and signatures to the training certificates of BITA.

* All benefits remains as long as membership is current.

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