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The Board offers a distinguished service to its valued members of trainers, training centers and departments. It issues remarkable certificates for their trainees, as well as plastic cards for some training programs in the training programs that have been registered or accredited by the board. The board issues certificates and cards in English only. The Board will charge appropriate fees for certificates and cards and send them to members by express international mail to their addresses within a few days only.

Certificate fees are the same for all types of courses and diplomas as long as they are registered. It is required for certification that the member has a valid membership. The Board issues certificates for all types of courses as long as they are registered and not limited to specific types.

To obtain Board’s training certificates, the member should fill out the list of trainees' names and send them by e-mail to the Board’s management, indicating the course data that will be printed on the certificates. This form can be obtained from the Forms page at this site or from this link: .

Why training certificates from the board?
Before the board approves any training package, it reviews the package, its components and the training material and makes sure that the package meets the standards that serve the goal and achieve quality. The board does not approve any training package unless it meets the accreditation requirements and quality standards. Therefore, the training certificate issued by the board is an American international certificate that attests to the quality of the training course obtained by the trainee.

Board certificates are also issued with the guarantee of the American International Academy, and they can also be attested by the office of the US Secretary of State after being certified by the American notary public and also authenticated by the trainee’s embassy in Washington DC for an additional fee.

Board training certificates carry reference numbers that enable the certificate holder to verify his certificate by entering its reference number on the “Certificate Verification” page on our website, to show him the data that proves the validity of his certificate.

Certification procedures
To request training certificates or training cards from the board, the following things must be met:
1- The trainer’s must have a valid membership with the Board.
2- The member must have registered his training course or package with the board. To achieve this, he must submit a registration application, which can be obtained from the Forms page. A registration certificate will be sent to the member by e-mail, bearing a special number which will be registered in the certificates of his courses.
3- When requesting certificates, the member records the names of the trainees and their course data in the list of trainees’ form, and he can also obtain it from the Forms page, and send the list to us by e-mail, then we will determine the value of the required fees and how to pay it.

The Board can authenticate certificates from the US State Department, the US Notary and the Governor of the District of Columbia at an additional charge of $500 per certificate, the member will receive a reduction of these fees when requesting a large number of certificates at the same time, it’s the same discount our agent in Washigton DC will provide us. International Postage Fee of $200 will be added to each package/shipment.

Authentication of certificates is not compulsory for issuing our certificates, it’s is only for those trainees who need this service.

Important note:
Please check the names of the trainees, especially written in English as they will be printed on the certificates. The board is not responsible for linguistic errors in these names and the member bears the cost of issuing modified certificates and the fare of their mail.

Attention: The Board has no representatives or agents in any country other than those listed in Contacts page. The Board does not grant its representatives or members the right to issue Board certificates themselves or to have any seals. All certificates, and stamps are issued by the Board only. All training certificates issued by the Board bear a reference number that the certificate holder can verify from our website on the certificate verification page, and the certificate data will appear on the same page.


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