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Comprehensive Program for Professional Trainers

Best investment in the 'world of training' you can get !

Tuition fee: 3990 USD  (Currently Suspended)

This program is designed to help you own various tools of strength, professionalism, upgrading and spread in the world of training!

Contents of the program

  1. International Diploma in Professional Training
    (Actual value $ 595) 
  2. Membership of a certified trainer of the Board of International Trainers in America for one year.
    (Actual value $ 200) 
  3. Membership of a certified trainer of the American International Academy (Hudex), for one year .
    (Actual value $ 250)
  4. Master degree or PhD in Human Development (or others).
    (Actual value $ 4550) 
  5. Get the package of success and enjoy reaching the top of the world of training .
    (Actual value $ 1360).

Contents of the success package

  1. Full diploma training materials.
    (Actual value $ 250) 
  2. A certificate of completion in each basic course of graduate studies courses from American International Academy (usually 6 certificates). 
  3. Free certificates for participant's trainees:
    12 Certificates from the Board (BITA) in any registered package. 
    12 Certificates from the American Academy (HUDEX) in any registered package.
    (Actual value $ 900)

About the program

The program was developed in collaboration with the American International Academy and was designed to provide a student with all means and tools that contribute to the advancement and spread in the world of training, they provide him with the necessary knowledge to professional training through the International Diploma in professional training, and also provide him with a higher certificate in the field of his specialization (master or PhD), raises his scientific and social level and enrich his biography. It also provides practical tools for the work, granting a membership as a certified trainer at the Board and the American International Academy, two global memberships that give the trainer global credit. What's the effect of all that? Increase market demand for the trainer, which means more success, brilliance and diffusion until the fast access to the top in the world of training. In addition to all the above, the Board provides the co-trainer with 24 free certificates for his trainees as a promotional gift, and for the best possible investment for the value of the program. 
The total period assumed to complete the program (as per plan) is 12-14 months, during which we expect the student to complete the program by obtaining the higher degree. The duration of the study depends on the student's commitment to the study and the extent of his interest in its achievement and speed. The operational expected plan of the Program is as follows:
No. Title Period
1International Diploma in Professional Training - IDPTone month
2Graduate Study12 months
3Certifying of documents and handing over to the studentone month

How to Register?

  1. Send us a copy of identity or passport.
  2. A personal picture.
  3. A copy of the educational certificates.
  4. Complete application form.

Studying at the American International Academy

The trainee is enrolled in the master's or doctoral program from the beginning of his registration in the comprehensive program, a certificate of acceptance is issued and sent to him by e-mail with a description of the required courses. The trainee can start studying at the same time as the diploma or after finishing it, and submit his six papers one after another until he completes all of them and ready to begin preparing his Thesis. One of our academic advisors will continue the study of the student and provide him with the necessary assistance till graduation. The Academy will create a special page for the student on its website containing his academic file, grades, degrees, financial file, e-study guide, etc. The American International Academy is committed to help you from registration to graduation and beyond. It will help you make the most of your time, provide you with the services you deserve and help you achieve the success you desire.
Studying Method at the Academy
The Acadmey applies the comprehinsive study method. This means that the Academy will add some extra assignments instead of the theis or dissertation, unless the student demands to make a paper. The Academy does not provide certain textbooks, but its subjects are are based on conducting research and reports, asking the student to do small research on topics provided by the Academy. The student can use books and references from public libraries or university libraries or from the Internet with the mention of the source, or buying books from the local market or via the Internet from niche sites. Each research will be reviewed and approved by the Academy monitors who will publish its degree on the student's page. More information about preparing research is available at the following link:
Specialties available under this offer (Comprehensive program):
Currently, the Academy allows students to enroll in the Masters and doctoral programs under this offer in the following majors only:
1.  Human Development
2.  Diplomatic Studies
3.  Public Relations
4.  Administrative Development
5.  Press and Media
6.  Engineering Management
7.  Marketing
8.  Management of tourism and travel offices.

Please note that Specialties can be changed at any time depending on the conditions of work and the student will be informed of the specialties available upon registration.
Certificates of the American Academy:
In addition to the degree you will receive (the Master's degree or PhD), the Academy will provide you with 6 certificates (Unless you have got equalization for some assignments). A certificate in each main course you study in your program, testifies that you had studied a course in that subject. That is no surprise, the master's and doctoral programs each include six main courses before starting the thesis or dissertation, each of which will be accredited as an independent training course and certified. Each certificate will be dated as you finish the material you have studied.

Note: The Academy certificate is not yet accredited by higher education institutions and can only be certified by the U.S. State Department.

Authentication fee: $500.
International post fee (for authentication): $200.
Documents of Graduation:
1.  International Diploma in Professional training, issued by board.
2.  Degree diploma issued by the American International Academy.
3.  6 Certificates in the six courses of the American Academy's program.
4.  BITA membership certificate + membership card.
5.  HUDEX Membership certificate + membership card.

Registration is open throughout the year

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